Motorsport Services

C&N Socials specialises in the Automotive and Motorsport Industry, and we've launched a whole new range of Motorsport Services, to help riders, teams and businesses in the industry grow further, achieving their goals, and pushing them onto bigger and better opportunities!


Sponsorship support from finding potential sponsors, to sponsorship management and contact. 

We also allow businesses to sign up to our sponsorship list, for potential sponsorship opportunities.

PR Support

We help to gain as much exposure as possible, in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and face to face events.

Motorsport CVs

We know that standing out in the world of Motorsport can be tough. We create our CVs to stand out to potential sponsors, teams and more, to help you gain the right position.

Social Media Management

Social Media is key to keeping your audience updated. We provide additional support, from creating a strategy, posting content and engaging with your audience.

Race Reports

From one-off race reports, to seasonal updates, and regular reports to showcase to your audience your race weekend.


There are a range of packages available which can help you choose.